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Shania Twain Las Vegas

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Shania Twain Las Vegas Tickets

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Shania Twain Las Vegas Concerts

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Shania Twain Biography

Shania Twain Biography

With her new show at the Caesars Palace Colosseum, true fans will want to learn more about the Shania Twain biography. Before she became one of the biggest stars in country music, she had a modest upbringing in Ontario, Canada. Despite the fact that Shania and her five siblings sometimes led a difficult life, there was always music in the house to keep their spirits up. The presence of tunes throughout her childhood clearly shaped Shania Twain music, to the delights of her fans across the globe. Sometimes a difficult childhood can make success as an adult all the more sweet.

Before her albums began topping the charts, the singer wasn't even known by her stage name. Shania Twain wasn't born Shania Twain at all—her real name is Eileen Edwards and she was born in Windsor in 1965. She was the second of five siblings, and while she had responsibilities around the house, she always found time to play the guitar. Any Shania Twain biography will tell you that a variety of music styles influenced her sound and her writing throughout childhood. While she had some young success, tragedy struck Shania at age 21 when her parents died in a car accident. After that, she had a great deal of responsibility in raising her younger siblings, often singing in local bars to make a living.

These types of personal experiences inevitably shape character, and Shania Twain music deeply touches the souls of her fans. In 1993, Twain met producer John Lange and they were married six months later. This is time where Shania Twain discography really begins, as she released albums with popular songs such as "You're Still the One" and "Man! I Feel Like a Woman." Since this time, Shania Twain has crossed the borders of musical genres, appealing to country fans, pop music fans, and many in between. Her albums have sold millions of copies, and she continues to perform in concerts to sold-out shows.

A Shania Twain biography wouldn't be complete without a list of her musical accomplishments. She has won just about every award in music, including Grammys, the American Music Awards, the Canada Country Music Awards, and more. While Shania was having all of this success in her professional life, she thought it was time to also focus on her personal life. Shania Twain music took a backseat in 2001 when the couple had their first child, a son named Eja, in their new home of Switzerland. The musician didn't keep quiet for very long though-in 2002 another new album was released.

Shania Twain discography reached a new milestone in 2004 when her Greatest Hits album was released. Over the years Twain has carefully developed an image that includes everything from sexy vixen to the girl you want to bring home to mom. She has managed to appeal to a variety of audiences, remain a good role model for young music fans, and experiment with new music and sounds. It should come as now surprise that the community of her fans was absolutely delighted to hear that she’d be returning to the stage for her concerts in Las Vegas. No matter what your favorite Shania Twain song is, get ready to sing along when the star takes the stage!